About Our Custom Key Chains - Dog tags - License Plates - Sign-in Books/Boards - Wall Hangings

What We Do

Family owned and operated for over twenty years, Mirror Magic is truly the one and only source for quality mirrored key chains, dog tags, sign-in books/boards, wall hangings, license plates and more! Each key chain, dog tag, sign-in book, wall hanging and license plate is hand made to guarantee perfection. We use high-tech laser systems for precise cutting and custom personalization and engraving. Choose from hundreds of our designs or have us make you something completely customized. We can do it all!

At Mirror Magic we pride ourselves in creating the perfect personalized items tailored to your specifications. Whether it be a custom key chain, dog tag or license plate... you tell us how you want it and we make it happen. With our highly personalized pieces you can chose the fonts, colors, and style. Get a picture frame engraved with the a special date or name. We make great personalized key chains and wall plaques, great for your home or business.